August 18, 2022

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Smart Kitchens

Technology is now a part of the kitchen design with full force and not only in the form of extravagant appliances and gadgets. Today, you can get the kitchen of today with technology integrated into every aspect of the kitchen, from the fridge to the faucets as well as the light. It’s the kind of kitchen we refer to as an intelligent kitchen.

House ace has told us that “Smart .kitchens are an emerging design. In reality, a lot of kitchens are intelligent from the beginning. In more traditional kitchens sensors and smart devices and other gadgets are available in order to make life easier for the homeowner.”

Simple add-ones include motion-sensing kitchen faucets which can detect the presence of people underneath and automatically turn on or you can try a one-touch option. Refrigerators that will notify you that your grocery have run out of food items and a coffee machine that is programmed to make your coffee the moment you get up. There’s also a device which monitors your eggs telling you when they are nearing expiration. Don’t forget to update your lighting system, allowing you to control all of the lighting from your phone or tablet.

Cabinet Colors: Dark Colors Are Finally Here & White Is On Its Way Out!

While white cabinets can be a timeless design that can be used in virtually any kitchen design however, we are starting to notice them coming out! We anticipate white cabinets to begin decreasing in popularity by 2021 .To make a difference in the white kitchen, expect to see islands that come in different colors of paint or stain colors for wood. Mixing finishes can create the perfect accent piece, and other pops of color for the courageous of heart.

These pops of color will become loved in shades of the green and blue. Alongside the neutral nature hues is another color scheme which is being introduced into dark and dark kitchen tones such as black, navy the emerald-green hue, and even the plum. You’ll be amazed at the way dark kitchen cabinets work to enhance and/or complement a kitchen with its striking and luxurious appearance.

Dark kitchen cabinets evoke a sense of luxury and create a luxury that other alternatives do not. They give the kitchen an elegant and dramatic look. But, you must be sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the space and make it appear dark. More and more people are going more bold and choosing the kitchen with dark cabinet colors for 2021. You can expect to see a lot of black and darker shades in the most fashionable homes in 2021.

Quartz is Still King

For top-quality kitchen countertops quartz is the most popular choice. The material is extremely durable and lasts for years and is easy to maintain and is also anti-microbial. Granite is the most popular material in the premium bracket, requires a little more care.

The first time quartz countertops hit markets, one of the primary concern was the there was a lack of variety of finishes and colors. However, with the passage of time and thanks to advances in technology manufacturers have offered an array of colors to pick from, as well as authentic stone designs. You can even find quartz coated with intricate swirls and large veins to resemble other materials such as natural stone. These distinctive designs have gained a lot of popularity.

There is however a significant trend towards more soft and neutral hues. Many homeowners are choosing to go with shades like taupe, grey, or white. The patterns are shifting to veining that is different from the particulates have been seen in the past. This certainly follows the trend of cleaner designs that are prevalent in the homes of today.

Although we’re still talking about countertops, it is crucial to note the growing popularity of sinks that are composite. They are sinks constructed from the same material that is used for countertops. This gives them a more aesthetic and makes maintenance and cleaning significantly easier. However, it’s sure to have a difficult fight against the popular farmhouse and stainless steel sinks.

Hardwood Flooring is Still the Shining Star but Ceramic Tile is on its Heels

Hardwood flooring is still well-liked when it comes to kitchen flooring. However, the second most popular alternative, ceramic flooring is set to gain more interest. Because of advances in technological advancements, ceramic flooring today is available in a variety of styles and designs as well as sizes.

For instance, you can purchase ceramic tiles that look exactly like hardwood. If you’re looking to keep the look of hardwood however you want a material which is more durable you should consider ceramic. As well as hardwood ceramic tiles are constructed to mimic a range of other substances, such as natural stone. The surface’s texture can be modified to mimic these types of materials.

In terms of dimensions, you don’t have to choose traditional sizes anymore. The limit is only the sky in terms of variety and bigger format tiles. There are individual planks of tiles, which look like the actual planks of wood after being laid out onto the ground.

Decorative Exhaust Hood

There is no longer an old-fashioned stainless steel kitchen hood. The modern homeowner is looking for more attractive options. Anything from wood brick, mixed steel hoods. It is important to customize it in order to make sure it shines and shines in your gorgeous kitchen.

In 2021, we’ll see homeowners focusing on their kitchen hood designs. The hood could be a significant focus of the space and will be a focal point in the design in the kitchen. Most often we plan the kitchen by placing the range and hood in a wall accessible from other rooms in the home. What better way to make these giants of a piece stand out? Customized steel hoods are an opportunity to create the sway to break the long rows of wooden cabinetry.

 They’re a wonderful option, but they come at a cost. Custom-designed steel hoods are available between $10 and $700 however they do look stunning in your kitchen. Therefore, be sure to plan your budget accordingly. We’ll get rid of those boring stainless hoods and get creative in your kitchen! This is your opportunity to mix up the metal!

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