August 11, 2022

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How to Download Canon Printer Drivers for Free?

The Canon printer drivers are vital for utilizing the Canon printer features in their maximum capacity. In some cases, users even pay for downloading the Canon Driver. However, in case you’re looking to download the ij.start.cannon Printer Drivers for free then be with us.

In this informative post, you’ll learn to download the Canon printer driver for free in a secure and appropriate way. Furthermore, it is important to take some precautions prior to downloading them. So, let’s begin by having a quick look at the requirements for ij.start.cannon driver download.  

Precautions Needed To Download Canon Drivers For Free

The majority of the users either faces trouble while downloading the canon driver or when installing the Canon Printer Driver. 

In order to prevent such events, the following precautions are must for downloading the Canon printer driver either via CD or Ij.start.cannon website.  

  • Ensure that you have administrative rights on your system.
  • Always match the system requirements that are needed for the driver.
  • In case the “UAC” dialog box appears while download/installation, tap “Allow”.
  • If you face trouble in downloading the driver, disable the firewall for some time.

Methods For Downloading The ij.start.cannon Printer Driver For Free

The canon printer driver can be downloaded in many ways such as via website, through CD or driver downloader tools. However, to download the Canon Printer Driver for Free, only the below-mentioned methods are used mostly.

Method 1: From The Canon Website

You can easily download any Canon Printer drivers via Canon official website for free. Here’s how:

  • At first, you must ensure if you’re connected to a steady internet.
  • Thereafter, navigate to ij.start.cannon site.
  • Now, in the printer search box, type your printer’s name.
  • Afterwards, press “Enter”.
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the download driver page.
  • Next, ensure to match the “OS” as windows or MAC accordingly.
  • Now, hit “Download” and choose its destination if it prompts.
  • Thereafter, navigate to the download folder and locate the downloaded file.
  • Finally, your Canon printer driver is downloaded for free. 

After downloading the canon driver download , install them by launching the setup and performing these steps:

  • Tap “Start Setup” on the startup of Installation Wizard.
  • Thereafter, select “Region/Country” appropriately and click “Next”.
  • Now, a list of conditions of the setup will be displayed.
  • Read cautiously then tap “Yes”.
  • Thereafter, ensure to connect the printer with the PC and tap “Next”.
  • Now, choose the connection methods accordingly and print a test page.

Method 2: Via CD

Users often get a setup CD with their ij.start.cannon Printer. At events when you’re unable to access the internet, this method of canon driver download is favored.

  • At first, ensure if your system has a CD ROM working properly.
  • Thereafter, take out the setup CD from the packaging.
  • Now, carefully insert it into the CD ROM and close it.
  • Next, let your system scan the Canon CD.
  • Then, visit “This PC”.
  • Locate/Open “CD: Drive”.
  • Now, a list of drivers will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the appropriate one and tap right from your mouse.
  • Thereafter, tap “Copy” and visit the folder where you wish to paste them.
  • Right-tap on the screen and select “Paste”.
  • Finally, you’ll have the access to ij.start.cannon Printer Drivers for free.

After downloading and installing the Canon Printer drivers for free, it is a must that you update them timely. Check the procedure of updating the Canon Printer Drivers for Free.

How to Update The Canon Printer Drivers?

Since electronic devices including the Canon Printers are not prone to errors or glitches, it is important to update them timely.

The update of Canon Printer Drivers consists of bug fixes that maintain the printer’s performance. 

Furthermore, the Canon Printer Drivers updates are free and can be done using these two methods:

Method 1: Via Windows Update

  • Firstly, confirm if your system has administrative rights while following the further steps.
  • Thereafter, turn the printer “On” and connect it with your PC that has the driver installed.
  • Now, hold “Win+R” and input “Control Panel” followed by hitting “Enter”.
  • Next, locate/Tap “Windows Update” and choose “Check-Updates”.
  • Then, wait till the updates are checked and tap “Optional-Updates”.
  • In case you spot your Printer Driver under the list, then select it and hit “Install”.

Method 2: Via Canon’s Website

To update the Canon Printer Via website just visit Ij.start.cannon and follow:

  • Input your Printer’s name.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • Now on the setup downloading page, ensure to check the release date.
  • In case the release date is recent, then hit download and install it.

Wrapping Up

We hope the content included in this post will assist you in downloading the Canon Printer Drivers for Free. 

Moreover, the content is thoroughly researched and the methods listed in this post are tested and effective for free Canon Driver Download in a quick and secure way. Also get information on how to use technology to boost production of your product.

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