August 10, 2022

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How To Plan Your Aims And Goals In Life?


You may have come across the words ‘aims’ and ‘goals’ countless times in your life. From school to assignments, interviews, and personal growth charts, we are asked to mention our aims and goals to specify the expected end-point or outcome of a particular process. The question that arises is are these the same terms, or do they differ from each other in meaning and implication?

We often mistake these words as synonyms while they have subtle distinctions and change the whole connotation if used interchangeably. To efficiently map out your aims and goals in life, you need to have a clear understanding of the words. In this article, we will learn about the subtle difference between the two terms, which can help you to better plan out your aims and goals in life. 

What are aims and goals?

An aim provides a way to move in the direction through which a goal can be achieved. These are indefinite statements that identify the result but are immeasurable. Aims tend to represent the intent of the individual in a broader sense of the word.


– I aim to save money to buy a bigger house for my family.

Where the end goal is buying a bigger home, and the aim is a means of reaching the end target. This could be through making investments, cutting down on costs, or making purchases through promotional codes or websites like DealMeCoupon.

Keeping this in mind, you must set realistic and measurable goals that can readily be achieved. Goals are more appropriately defined as the desired outcome that you set out to achieve through sheer determination and hard work. Goals can either be individual, which refers to your personal growth, or collective, which pertains to your team and group members.

Now that you know what goals are, let’s see what your goals must be like for them to be achievable.

1- SMART Goals

Your goals become attainable only when they are SMART. Intelligent goal setting requires that you set goals that meet the following SMART criteria.

–      Specific 

While planning your goals, you must be specific in the outcome that you want to achieve. The more you narrow it down, the better your chances of achieving them. 

–      Measurable 

To see how well you’re faring in your conquest, you must measure the results with your target. 

–      Attainable 

You must set yourself a goal that challenges your abilities but can still be achieved. An unreasonable goal that cannot be achieved is better left alone.

–      Relevant 

It is worth making the efforts if what you seek to attain is in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

–      Time-Bound

Mapping a goal within a set time frame enables you to stay focused on your tasks without deviating and helps achieve the goals in time.

2- Maintain A Record

It is no surprise that writing down your goals on paper makes them seem real and acts as a driving force that compels you to push forward in the right direction with all your might.

Research has proven that people who maintain a written record of their goal timelines have a better chance at accomplishing them than those who make plans in their heads.

Maintain a written track record of your progress, right from the day you set your goal to your progress, creating action plans, working on commitments, and even sharing with others can do wonders for you.

3- Action Commitments

What good does a SMART goal do if you take no part in making efforts? Once you have set yourself a goal, draw up an action plan that helps you move along in the right direction.

It is alright to go one step at a time as long as you’re working towards the end goal. This helps you stay focused on the prize, and the little milestones that you surpass will motivate you to keep going.

4- Stay Focused

This can be a strenuous task as we tend to lose our focal point once the monotony gets to us. To stay focused, you must keep your eyes on the prize by doing small things like positioning your written goal in a place where it cannot be missed.

Keep reminding yourself of the goal daily to stay motivated and keep moving in the right direction. Strategically place a visual aid that constantly reminds you of your goal first thing in the morning. 

5- Divide & Conquer

Due to the abstract nature of goals, they can be farfetched or long-term. This necessitates the need to break them down into smaller short-term objectives that ultimately help to achieve your goals.

Short-term objectives help you measure your progress while taking you closer to the ultimate prize. The small triumphant victories are great motivational therapy doses that lead you on to greater accomplishments. 

6- Maintain A Balance

It is good to stay focused while staying away from unhealthy overkill. You need to find a balance between your work and personal life for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Obsessing your goals will only decrease your competence as it leads to a total burn-out. Go easy on yourself and take breaks when necessary.

You can only do your best if you are healthy and in the right state of mind. Obsessive behavior can lead you to lose perspective, which can result in you abandoning your goal.

7- Roadblocks

You might find yourself facing obstacles and hurdles on the journey towards success. Brace yourself realistically for any challenges that may come over the way by identifying potential problems and devising ways to get around them.

Recognizing your potential barriers can increase your potential to meet these challenges head-on without being intimidated. This can readily boost your spirits and keep you moving towards your goal. 

8- Readjust 

Last but not the least, you might find yourself facing a pit end with no way out or ahead. It is okay to feel lost or confused at times. This can be fixed by reviewing your strategy and making a thorough analysis of the entire process.

You might want to reflect and readjust to make things work in your favor. Learn to go easy on yourself in case you have missed a deadline or have not made the desired progress. Take one day at a time, and you will eventually reach your dream prize.

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