August 11, 2022

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Ground Rules to Follow For App Store Optimization and Higher Rankings

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Developing an application is not enough to make it popular and profitable for the developer. Users also need to be aware of the creation and use of the application. This is when App Search Optimization strategies come into play. Data on the internet suggest that more than 45% of users find out new applications by browsing the app store. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the most popular stores in use. The primary purpose of app store optimization is to allow users to find, click, and download an application from the sea of apps on App Store.

Several factors affect the position of an application in search results like download and dynamic. User review and rating, comments, and dynamics of the application also affect the ranking in the app store. By addressing these factors application developers can reach out to the target audience. Keeping in mind the following rules is beneficial for optimizing an application for the app store.

Making an Understandable and Creative Title

The application publisher likely wants the users to remember the app name and understand its purpose quickly. Experts always recommend using a name that clearly describes the purpose of the application. However generic names should be avoided.

Besides, mixing keywords with other numbers or names is also beneficial for securing higher search rankings. After an application becomes popular and easily recognizable developers can drop the creative part of the name.

To ensure that the title ranks well one can consider using a highly popular keyword with the name. Studies have found that using keyword in the title increase prank by 2 times than keyword in the field. Recently Apple has limited the number of characters in-app titles to 30. Back in 2016, the total number of symbols used to be 50. The app developer should always be aware of the character count that is visible in search results. On the other hand, Google Play Store has increased the character count from 30 to 50. 

Writing a Convincing and Keyword Rich Description

Take the most important features of the application in the first three lines of a description. It is done so that do users do not have to click on the “read more” button. Applications with social proof should include the points at the beginning of the description. Review from the popular person or blog is an important part of the application description.

Even when the visitors do not read the complete description they are aware that the application has received appreciation from prominent web pages and individuals. 

Start with writing an appealing description and then insert popular keywords. As is the case with SEO too many keywords in the description negatively affects the algorithm of the app store. Studies by optimization experts have revealed that keywords should be repeated 5 times in the description for optimal results. In the case of applications, longer descriptions provide better app ranks. On the other hand, the top hundred applications with short descriptions get higher rankings because of their popularity. The text for application updates is equally important for popularizing the app. 

Fill in using Keywords

Developers and application publishers must think about the target audience for finding the right keyword. Besides using popular keywords experts also recommend using keywords that are not allowed in the description. One must always check the app store rules and guidelines before using any keyword in the title. Apple clearly defines the do’s and don’ts and the time of selecting a keyboard. It is important to update the keywords every two months.

Always consider selecting relevant keywords that describe the function and purpose of the application. Select long-tail keywords that will provide better conversion. There are also so few competitors for using search keywords. People are likely to click on the app in search results before downloading.

Keep a tab on keyword search volume for prioritizing the right keywords. Relevancy is equally important in the selection of keywords. To find out the search volume of keywords developers can take the help of the Google AdWords tool. Here the optimal strategy is to find higher rank keywords with lower search volumes.

Improving Ratings of App Store Optimization

User reviews and ratings make a substantial impact on the application in search results. App stores typically earn profit from each of the downloads. Therefore it is important to present users with applications they are most likely to download. No one is going to download an application with bad reviews. Good India SEO Company Reviews and ratings are essential for achieving higher rankings in the app store.

Create an Appealing Icon

Nice looking icon encourages visitors to download the application. Interesting icons reveal the purpose of an application and also make a lasting impression on the user’s mind. Apps that contain icons and screenshots are likely to get more downloads. App screenshots show the functions and features of the application. Short videos show the right way of using the application.

Following these rules will surely prove to be beneficial before publishing an app on the app store. It is bound to receive a large number of downloads. It is also likely to get a valuable list of good reviews and ratings which will further increase app discoverability. App store optimization by Web Development India seems to serve as an effective tool for app publishers and developers in this highly competitive market.