January 30, 2023

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Exceptional Features Of Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

Exceptional Features Of Winter Tyres

Winter always brings some challenges for car drivers. Roads are snowy with foggy environments and conditions are more severe if car drivers have to drive their vehicles with inappropriate tyres.

Weather and road conditions are not in control of car drivers but they can prepare themselves by buying appropriate winter Continental Tyres Southampton that is exclusively made for winter conditions.

Winter tyres let you drive your vehicle on melting snow efficiently and at the same time, they are effective on the dry and cold road surface as well.

It does not matter whether you drive your car in mild or severe winter conditions, winter tyres are helpful if the temperature in the area is below 7DegreesC.

Types of winter tyres

Nowadays, three types of winter tyres are used frequently in the winter season. These types are Lamellen, studded, and studless.

Lamela winter tyres are best suited for mild to moderate winter months.

Both studded and studless winter tyres are used for severe winter conditions and both are equipped with a high level of handling and gripping power.

Studded winter tyres are supposed to have metal studs. These metal studs are embedded in the tread pattern to bite through the ice and snow. These tyres are specified for the situation when the road surface is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Studless winter tyres are frequently used on roads with or without snow.

Usually, we mean studless winter tyres while we talk about winter tyres. Winter tyres are designed to run the vehicle in both wet and dry conditions. Thus, it is clear that there may be snow on roads but the manufacturers have to consider the factor that winter tyres run on dry cold surfaces as well.

To be effective in varied winter conditions, tyres have the following characteristics.

Tread rubber material:

Rubber material in winter tyres makes them softer when the temperature is near freezing point. Generally, the rubber material of normal tyres is going to be stiffer in similar conditions but winter tyres are designed to remain flexible in reduced temperatures.

Tread design:

The tread pattern of winter tyres is supposed to have more sipes to disperse water and snow more efficiently. Moreover, the presence of sipes in winter tyres makes them helpful in making proper contact with the road surface. These features enhance the gripping power of winter Tyres Southampton.

Tread depth:

The tread pattern of winter tyres is supposed to have deeper grooves in comparison with all season and summer tyres. These deeper grooves are filled with snow and provide better traction on the snowy surface since snow provides a better grip on snow.

Matter of driving comfort with winter tyres

Surely, winter tyres make your drive extremely comfortable in the winter season. They provide excellent grip and traction on cold and snowy roads. Therefore, car drivers with winter tyres need not worry about the presence of thick snow or standing water during their journey. Drivers feel safe while they cross a dangerous area like black ice or puddles of water if they have installed winter tyres in their vehicles.

This peace of mind matters if we talk about the challenges of the winter season and winter tyres.

How to buy effective winter tyres?

You can easily recognize winter tyres by the 3PMSF mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall. While you are making a plan to buy winter tyres, you have to buy a full set of tyres for your vehicle. Mixing the tyres is not a recommended way of using tyres. Mixed tyres will behave differently and it will be really difficult for you to control your vehicle.

Why should you buy winter tyres?

You should prefer winter Tyres Southampton if you live in a place where the temperature reaches below 7DegreesC and snow falls take place frequently. You need winter tyres if you travel a lot in the winter season due to your commercial goals.

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