August 17, 2022

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Apply these 5 secret techniques to improve cosmetic packaging  

Cosmetic boxes are accessible in precise sizes and detailed styles of your choice to meet the packaging needs for all the beauty and skincare products. They either have a cardboard or Kraft structure that lends them a high-end strength to assure a safe product journey in transit. The printable texture is another plus of these packages that assist you in highlighting the brand in the marketplace. Colours, taglines, and other such branding cues can be printed on them for a stand-out effect on retail shelves. Along with various printing options, you can have a go at several finishes as well to improve their barrier properties and visual elegance.  

Every brand operating in the beauty industry is constantly in quest of ways pivotal to outdoing its competitors in one way or another. This could be through a reasonable pricing strategy, delivery, customer service, etc. Cosmetic boxes are also a part of this mix. And they play an essential role in the strategic progress of a business. Ordinary designs fail in priming the customers, which means that packages are more influential when improved with various customizations. Here are some exceptional techniques to execute whilst you are in the midst of the packaging design process. 

Slide-to-unveil cosmetic boxes:

The style of packaging is a decisive factor in estimating whether a brand would attract or repel customers. A common box style never helps your cause of seizing the clients’ attention in the first-ever interaction. Rather, it goes on to decrease the product value since people are fed up with seeing the rote packaging styles. Bearing that in mind, change the routine style of custom cosmetic boxes and add a sleeve in the packaging design.  

This is a brilliant design idea as it provides multiple benefits. At first, sleeves tend to extend the user unboxing experience. In this design concept, customers have to just gently push at the base part of the box that slides into the sleeve for a memorable unboxing. This makes sure that the target audience is impressed enough to share their experience. This also proves fundamental in encouraging them to promote positive word of mouth. Apart from that, sleeves are tailor-made to provide ultimate protection to the inside items from various detrimental factors. 

Distinct die-cut designs:

In the retail world, product appearance is what promotes or sells it across the market segments. The buyers develop an instant inclination towards items that are presented belligerently. One unique technique to uplift the expression of beauty items is to customize the makeup packaging with die-cut designs. In this design concept, you have to use die-cut technology that helps you execute cuts all along with the packaging. You are free to make as many cuts in the design as you want. But make sure the overall packaging looks attractive.  

Execution of this technique helps the packaging achieve a see-through feature that guides the customers in making informed decisions. Even if the shoppers are at a significant distance, they can still have direct sight of the inside items. If you want an additional innovation in box design, you can get creative with the style of die-cuts. The good idea is to keep varying the style according to contemporary trends of the marketplace. 

Exclusive foiling and ribbons:

The apparent look of a beauty or skincare product tells a lot about its qualitative features. If the face of it, i.e., the packaging, is looking incredibly well, buyers tend to assume the product as high-class. One of the profound techniques to innovate the way your items are looking on the shelves is to overlay specific foils on custom packaging. While thinking of foiling, prefer the golden and silver colours as they highpoint the premium class and generate luxurious vibes. Foil stamping is a good way to do so as it costs you less and brings far better results in terms of customer attraction towards the items. Other than that, you can think of introducing colourful ribbons at the edges of this packaging. These ribbons produce a good impression and give your items a gift-like appearance that elevates their value in the minds of the target audience. 

Special compartments and internal padding:

A product impression is not formed by just the appearance of custom boxes. Other qualitative features of packages matter too, among which protection is the most important one. Keeping that in mind, introduce padding for the interior walls of these packages. This will go on to provide an extra protective cushion to the delicate beauty items and prevent them from damage. Make sure that the padding material that you use is 100% eco-friendly to cast a good lifetime impression. In a similar fashion, you can have a go at the placement of custom inserts on the inside of these custom luxury boxes. Inserts are quite beneficial in the sense that they limit inside product movement to prevent any sort of collision during transit. 

Cosmetic boxes with sensory features:

When it comes to making a striking impression on the target clients, the sensory features of the packaging design matter the most. It is not just the presence of visual elements in the design that make the world go round. Other features like tactile impact, sound a packaging makes while displaced from a shelf, etc., carry a significant value for clients. So, employ a technique of introducing a sensory appeal to your cardboard boxes. For instance, you can go for embossed logos or specific coatings that improve the touching impact of packages and provide a soothing experience. The packages engaging all the sense of target audience do well in terms of refreshing the experience of customers with a product.  

The list of techniques for improving the quality and look of cosmetic boxes is endless. You just have to pick one or two of these design procedures to innovate the appearance of packages and give your business a much-needed boost. It is completely fine if you want to incorporate all these customizations in the packaging design process. But, for that, you have to be careful about the selection of a packaging supplier. Make sure you opt for the one that charges a minimum price and offers a whole range of customization, personalization, and printing options.